This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Field handler to provide custom displays by using one of specified input formats (i.e. Filtered HTML, PHP code, Smarty code) with ability to access value of current field, all arguments values, all rows values, all fields values (of current row), rendered output of previous fields (of current row) and current row index from specified code.

Variables available in specified code (for PHP code, Smarty code, and other that support use of variables):

  • $args - Indexed array. Values are arguments values.
  • $field - Scalar. Value of current field.
  • $row - Object. Fields are view fields names. Values are values of current row fields.
  • $rows - Indexed array. Values are objects like $row.
  • $output - Object. Fields are view fields names. Values are rendered values (HTML code) of current row fields. Contains fields only previous to current.
  • $field_name - Name of current field.
  • $row_index - Index of current row. // Only if patch is applied

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