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Export feature for Views not yet fully supported right now. We have Views Bonus Pack and Views Export XLS. Views Bonus Pack require to many dependencies unconnected modules installed, you need to install Panels (4 sub-modules) and Chaos Tools-ctools (8 sub-modules), too many dependenciesinstalled modules (even you don't activated them) caused by: Views Bonus Pack too fat to handle many task. While Views Export XLS just support XLS file.

Views Export just provided export feature for Views, period. You can call Views Export is a small part of Views Bonus Pack and extended version of Views Export XLS.

Views Export will focus on these features:
1. Support most required file type: csv, txt, xls, xml, etc
2. Support large data, suppose we have 20K rows
3. Able to compress exported file
4. Real "export" to file type, not just convert to CSV and rename into XLS file!

What do you think?

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