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View settings - 1.4-BETA1

The Views Dynamic Fields module provides a filter for use with Views module. This filter allows the user to pick and choose which fields to display for a rendered instance of a view for that user. This provides a customized view instance for each user.

This module provides additional advantages when used with the Views Bonus Pack module or the Views Excel Export module to generate an xls file from a view. The xls file will only display the fields you have chosen on the rendered view instance in browser.


* Users can dynamically choose the fields to view in their rendered view instance
* Default fields to show when no filtering is applied, can be configured
* Possible to always keep certain fields to display to the user
* An exclusion mode to allow reverse selection of fields when there are too many
* Great for creating and exporting reports from the view
* Works great with Fields Embed Views module

Demo sites

* Try out yourself at for 7.x-1.0-alpha4 or 6.x-1.4 (sandbox).


This module depends on the Views module and the Chaos Tools Suite module.


1. Place the entirety of this directory in sites/all/modules/views_dynamic_fields
2. Navigate to Administration > Modules. Enable Views Dynamic Fields.


See the README.txt file in the module for instructions.


* The 6.x version is considered stable but will no longer be maintained
* The 7.x version is considered stable but is currently under heavy development.
* The 8.x version will be prepared as soon as D8 enters beta phase (D8CX). #2266589: D8CX: I pledge that Views Dynamic Fields will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released


Development for the 7.x version is sponsored by Parlamentwatch e.V. (NGO).

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