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Views has great support for simple sorting of dates and/or times, but what if you're looking for an untraditional sort?

Do you want to sort by month and day (but not by year) to make a View of birthdays or anniversaries?

Do you want to sort by hour of the day, to quickly analyze which user accounts are being created in the morning vs. in the evening?

Do you want separable date components in your sort?

If so, this module is for you!


This module works with all date/time fields in Views, including native datestamps (like when a node was changed or created) as well as CCK fields made by the Date module.

However, at the moment, only datetime and datestamp CCK fields are supported (in D6). The "date" (or ISO) format is not currently supported yet, but you can contribute to get it working here: #1507520: Support the CCK 'date' (ISO) type.


Simply download and enable the module!

Go to a View, and add the "Advanced" sort filter instead of the traditional one to get separable date components.


Module development sponsored by GroupTracks. If you are interested in having this module customized, you can reach us at

Module originally inspired by skybow's contribution at #313498-13: Add granularity to Date Field filter & sort criteria in Views for anniversary type events.

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