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Data visualization for views. Supports charts and "BigText" in views. I made this module as a backend for my Drupal Commerce dashboard.


  • It's important that the module is supplied with numeric values, this means you need to select unformatted fields in Views.
  • If you're trying to get total amounts per month/week etc. you need to use views in aggregation mode, as explained in the video tutorial that is linked above. You will probably also need the views_date_format_sql module and use it as depicted in this screenshot:
  • If you're trying to Chart Drupal Commerce monetary values you need the latest dev of this module so that unformatted values are available (even with multicurrency set-ups).

Why another module for charts?

I needed something that works and I needed it quick. Other modules don't support one or more of the following:

  • Interactive charts that work on iPad/iPhone. This module uses Google Visualization API which is HTML5/SVG
  • I had to start from the ground up to get a module that's built to be compatible with AJAX blocks and live data. It required a Drupal/views integration with a different approach.
  • Drupal 7
  • Views 3
  • Views aggregation


  • Views


The latest dev version now supports multiple data series. When using the latest dev it's important the the X-axis labels are the last views field. Views field ordering is used for semantic header/values detection. Example:


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