This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The module provides a new "Fieldable area" handler that can be assigned to any views header, footer or empty area.


  1. Edit the view and add a new a Header, Footer or No results behavior component
  2. Select "Global: Fieldable area"
  3. Save the view and go to the actual view
  4. An admin only message and contextual links should appear.
  5. Contextual links will allow you to create Fieldable areas for all or the current display. The title is only used for administrative listings.

There are potentially 4 matches for any enabled Fieldable area. An active domain and view display specific Fieldable area (using Domain Access module) will be displayed before a view display specific Fieldable area, then the master view displays are used.


Requires Views, Entity API and Contextual links (core) modules.

The module was developed on a system that used Domain Access, but this should only extend the functionality if present.


We needed to create an easy to use interface for these area that integrated with the view in multiple contexts such as embedded panels. These also required images, et al, so the areas needed to be fieldable. We initially started using the Beans module (provides fieldable blocks) with a custom handler to integrate with the views module, but on a multi-domain complex site, we were ending having over 100 blocks before even completing the first site. This module allows us to have the same functionality without nuking the block system.

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