Port to Drupal6 is available, check out the README for other instructions

The beta out now integrates with the pathauto API so its now you can manage your aliases in one spot

This module aids in the bulk creation and deletion of SEO friendly view aliases.

Essentially, this module takes view urls with term id arguments like


and creates aliases for them


In the past I've worked on several sites that utilize a single view which takes in a single taxonomy term id to display a list
of related items. And on these sites maintaining the url aliases for them was a pain to do by hand, so I wrote this module
to do the repetition for me.


  1. setup pathauto and views if not installed already
  2. untar the tarball into your drupal modules directory
  3. enable the module
  4. visit admin/build/path/pathauto for configuration options.

General Use

Generating Aliases

View Alias now utilizes the pathauto API features and adds a fieldset on the "Automated alias settings" tab named "View Alias settings". Under this tab, each view that has a page display (could be more than one) and a term id argument will be listed.

To get the correct views to display:

  1. View must exist and have a page display.
  2. Under Arguments, View must have an arg of "Taxonomy: TERM ID".
  3. Under Validator options:
    1. Set Validator to Taxonomy Term, then select your term vocabulary.
    2. Set Argument Type to "Term ID"

I also started caching the alias data so I wouldn't have to continuously run the same query, so if you are having issues with aliases sticking around, clear the cache and see if that helps.

Recurring Aliases, Not ready for Drupal 6 yet.

This works of hook_taxonomy to update aliases when terms are updated, created or deleted.
For each view:

  1. check "Create/Update/Delete aliases for view-name on term creation"
  2. select the "Vocabulary to alias" from the select box.
  3. Save configuration.


WHY NOT JUST USE view-name/term-name?
I kept running into duplicate terms when not using the full path. I also found that people were turned off by some of the special characters that showed up in the browser bar.
Keep using it, View Alias integrates with pathauto's built in hooks so you can manager your aliases from one location.
There are none, couldn't find a use case for how that would be useful. If you have a better idea, let me know.


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