This module is unsupported due to a security issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See SA-CONTRIB-2014-061 - VideoWhisper Webcam Plugins - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - Unsupported for details.
If you want to use this module, your options are:

Includes multiple modules for video communications including room listing, pay per view access control:
- Video Conference integration
- Video Chat integration
- Video Consultation integration
- Live Streaming integration
- Room List
- Credits

These modules allow setup of Pay Per Minute / Pay Per View ( PPM / PPV ) video chat, consultations & e-learning, webcam live shows, conferences using VideoWhisper Drupal Modules.

See project Resources > Home Page : VideoWhisper Drupal PPV Video Streaming Suite, to read more about this project, installation instructions, requirements and configuration.

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements. These web based video communication applications have demands beyond regular Drupal requirements: a compatible rtmp host is required for live interactions and video streaming.

VideoWhisper provides multiple Drupal integration modules that can be setup stand alone as explained on their dedicated pages from this website:

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