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D7 version just posted to 7.x-1.x tree for testing only. This version will allow you to post a viddler video. Recording and uploading will be coming. Please post any bugs or issues. Thanks!

The Viddler drupal module creates a CCK field for nodes to:

  • Record via webcam to's website
  • Upload videos to's website
  • Show a video from a URL
  • Show a video from a video id
  • Uploadprogress support (soon to be direct upload to viddler using viddler API 2)
  • Hide Record via webcam with a button to show flash player
  • Allow users to remove a video from the post and/or delete the video from the viddler site

It will then grab the details of the video via the API (, save those details for use in Views and allow you to display the media in a few different ways. You will need a Viddler API key which is now easily available. Simply log into, click on You > Settings and generate a key for your development project.

Planned additions are:

  • Drupal 7.x support
  • Direct upload to viddler site from browser using viddler API 2
  • Search for videos (similar to the wordpress plugin)
  • Search own videos. Will use a Viddler username and password in a user's profile setting to list videos.
  • Private video support (can have private videos currently with viddler business account)

Viddler 6.0-2.x is the recommended download since it supports the transitional phpviddler.php in preparation for the viddler API 2.0. Viddler API v1 will not be supported long term so continued work on the 6.0-1.x releases will be halted. Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x is seamless and should not effect any of your existing content.

Work in progress so please comment or post a patch if you find any issues.

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