Versatile is a base theme suitable for use with Panels Everywhere. It is targeted at user's who want to use Panels Everywhere and a base theme but does not want to be restricted by a grid system such as the one used in Precision.

Versatile ships with 6 different layouts including a site template designed to cover most of the use cases. It's easy to change the column, and even the total page, width by overriding the default's in your own theme. Also included is 3 different panel styles including a version of the default No style plugin that does not output the <div class="panel-separator"> tag.

The Versatile CSS file consists of only 26 lines of code and tries it best to stay out of the themers way. Versatile also makes use of the LESS technique (optional) for it's stylesheet.

Style plugins

Versatile ships with three different style plugin that you can use.

Versatile Default
A modification of the default No style plugin without panels separators.

Versatile Naked with title
Display the pane with no wrapping markup and include the title wrapped in a element of your choice.

Versatile Tag
Wrap the content and/or the title of a pane in any HTML element including HTML5 elements (since 7.x-1.3).

Responsive layout

Since version 7.x-1.4 Versatile now has a basic responsive layout option. Under theme settings you can opt-in to use this feature that transforms column and page width based on the size of the browser window. Currently there are rules that adapt the page layout at widths of 480 and 640 pixels. This feature will be removed in the 2.x version, see #1462852: Remove responsive option.


Since version 7.x-1.5 there is a new sub theme called Versatile (HTML5) that uses HTML5 section, header and footer tags for the different regions. In combination with the style plugin Versatile Tag you should be able to make your site completely with HTML5.

In the works for 1.x branch

Ideas for 2.x

Sites using Versatile

Please post your sites in #1296148: Sites using Versatile.

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