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The goal for this project is to house fieldable entities for vehicle make and models that can be referenced in any node.

Currently Implemented

Vehicle Make and Model Entity

Make and models are separate entities with the ability to add custom fields. Model entities are preconfigured with the fields from CarQuery API for easy CSV importing.

Vehicle field-type and tagging widget

Tag any entity on your site with a Vehicle Make and Model. Multiple widgets are available, including a standard Y/M/M selector and a M/M/Y selector for selecting multiple ranges of years with a single tag (useful when tagging product compatibility.)

Year/Make/Model Selector

Allows any node to reference a year make and model through a dropdown widget. Extends the Make and Model entity pages to display nodes that have been tagged. Includes a block with dropdown widget to quickly jump to any make or model on the site. Also includes a simple API call to easily embed the Y/M/M selector anywhere on your site:


CarQuery API Integration

This module extends the Vehicle Make and Model entities with extra fields to allow for easy integration into the extensive data provided by the CarQuery API. Additional YMM databases will be implemented in the future but this one contains a lot of supplemental data and appears to be one of the few databases that is still actively maintained. Partially implemented; only field extensions available. Importing via Feeds coming soon.

Integration with Other Modules

Views Integration

Includes a couple default views to demonstrate capabilities. All fields within the Make or Model entities are exposed to Views and can be used to make powerful customized blocks or pages. Want to show only content that has been tagged with a Vehicle that makes more than 30 miles per gallon? Views makes this easy.

Views integration also automatically extends the Y/M/M dropdown capabilities.

Pathauto and Token Integration

Customize the default paths and breadcrumb displays with these installed modules.

Feeds and Feeds Tamper Integration

Import data from practically any YMM database in a variety of formats using the Feeds module. Feeds Tamper integration allows for importing a Vehicle Model database and determining the correct Vehicle Make ID based off the name so your CSV doesn't have to be re-encoded with obscure ID numbers in the place of the Vehicle Make field.

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