Module that imports data from vBulletin into Drupal, including social groups, private messages, blogs and birthdays, even Photopost! Also a Drupal module that lets existing vB users login to Drupal.

This module was developed for The Webmaster Forums (yes, we do like Drupal's forum!)


  • Since vBulletin is a MySQL only product it is doubtful a PostgreSQL version will be released.
  • Always test thoroughly before using this module on live data, when using it on live data always ensure you have a backup.
  • Social groups to Organic Groups users: please do not use the stable 7.x-1.4 version of Organic Groups, but use version 7.x-2.0-alpha3 or later instead.

Thanks to Eat3D and Course Notes for supporting vB to Drupal!

I don't have time to develop this module anymore. If someone would like to take it over and/or add support for migrate module, let me know.

Supporting organizations: 
They provide development resources.

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