This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Variable module add-ons and tools. See

Variable File

Adds support for managed and unmanaged files/images as variables. It provides four new variable types:
- file_upload, unmanaged file
- image_upload, image file, unmanaged
- file_managed, managed file
- image_managed, managed image file

Variable Devel

Provide some help to write variable declarations. These are two of the features:
- List all defined variable types so we can have some reference.
- Extract variables from settings forms to be able to copy and paste some variable declarations.
It also declares some variables in Devel module.

Variable Mobile

Switch variable values for mobile devices. Enable Variable Admin if you want to see anything. Requires

Variable Advanced

Provides access to advanced low level variables. By using this you will be able to break your site badly.

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