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UUID Features 7.x-1.0-alpha3 fixes some HTML code that made the module completely unusable. Please update ASAP. If you're experiencing WSOD simply remove the module files completely then upload the latest version. The latest version now works with UUID 7.x-1.0-alpha3. Please report any bug you encounter in the issue queue.

Comparison with other modules with similar functionalities: #1311428: Comparison with Node export (and possibly other modules with similar functionalities)?

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The UUID Features Integration module provides a mechanism for exporting content (nodes, taxonomy, fields) into a features module. What's that you say? You thought features was only for configuration? This module is meant to be used in the cases where certain pieces of content straddle the line between pure content and configuration.
You've to configure the entity types / bundles to be exportable. Read the documentation for further information.


  • There are relatively static pages (like an About Us page) that have links from your primary navigation. If these were to go missing, your client would certainly say the site is broken.
  • You maintain page nodes for items like Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. These nodes appear on several sites and should always be the same.
  • Feed Nodes are certainly much more configuration than content. A sample feature for automating an import for a data source could include feed configuration, a content type to import data into, and a feed node that references said configuration so that imports could be done immediately after enabling the module.
  • Taxonomies, especially for things like article categories, that will rarely ever change. Also useful if these taxonomies should be shared across multiple sites.


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