This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module enables users to post a review of any node. This module is inspired by some of the user review functionality seen in the internet, such as

A userreview consists of a voting widget (scale of 0-10), a title, and a comment field. Administrators configure which node types should be reviewable. This module places voting results, review forms, and paginated lists of user reviews after each node of these types. Each user may submit a single review for each node.
All userreview forms and reviews appear in collapsed field sets.

This module works in Drupal 4.7, porting to 5.1 is currently ongoing. It requires the votingapi module and the views module to function.

Although this module currently permits voting on a 0-10 scale, it should not be hard to have a more flexible scale, such as A+ through F, or any sequence of numbers. This module supports voting on a single axis only (and does not support voting on multiple independent factors like price and customer service).

It uses the votingapi to handle voting values, and it uses the views module to list user reviews under each reviewed node. Since votingapi supporting views module as well, you can generate interesting pages of top rated nodes of a given type in a given category, etc.

Userreviews are nodes, and thus they work well with userpoints module. To grant points for submitting a userreview, simply set the points for the userreview node in the admin/settings/userpoints area.

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