This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module works with CCK userreference fields and the node_access module to add additional grants to nodes.

To enable userref_access on a node, edit the userreference field for the node type and check the "Use User Reference Access" box.

Any users that are referenced by this field will be given view permissions for the node, all other useres will be denied access to the node.

This module is similar to the Node Access User Reference module but takes a different approach to controlling user access to nodes. The key being that this module attempts to control all access grants to a given node based on the node author and users referenced on the node. Node Access User Reference only sets grants on referenced users and relies on additional modules to set any other grants needed for the node. If that is the behavior you are looking for I strongly suggest checking out the Node Access User Reference module.

This module was built for NewMBC for use on MashCast sites.

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