User points Nodes and Comments utilizes the Userpoints Core module to grant points to a user when they post a node or a comment and/or moderate a comment.

What it does (features)

A configurable number of points can be awarded for the following actions

  • User creates a new node
  • User posts a new comment
  • User moderates a comment

Other Features

  • Each node type has its own configurable point value
  • When a node or comment is deleted points are removed (optional)
  • When a node or comment author is modified points are "moved" to the new author


The module requires Userpoints for Drupal 6 or newer.

Hey, wait a minute, wasn't this?...

Yes. For those of you that have used userpoints in the past you will recognize that this module is what used to be userpoints_basic. Userpoints_basic was deprecated and removed from the userpoints module (6.x version) so that it could independently grow into a more robust module.userpoints_basic was designed as a bare bones example module but after a few years and many feature requests it became clear that it needed to live on its own.

Project information