The userpoints meter module provides a block to output the current points of a user styled as a meter. Take a look at the image.


New Features: see the config page of the blocks. To set special permissions to the blocks, also use the block config page.

Setting for creating multiple blocks: admin/config/people/userpoints/userpoints_meter
So you can create multiple blocks. Like one for each category of userpoints.


If you made a theme for the module and want to contribute it, feel free to put it in the issue queue. If i get some themes i will implement theme/switching like other modules do.


Enable it like any other Module. Go to the blocksettings an put the userpoints meter block in a region.


This module has been sponsored by Textures

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If you need more features, do not hesitate to submit a patch or post to the issue queue. Please use the issue queue for support requests.

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