This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows users to earn points when they invite someone, and when the invitees register. The module creates a bridge between User Points and Invite, allowing certain invitation related actions to grant or take away points from the user.

Userpoints Invite adds a new set of options to Points Settings at Configuration > People > Points. Points can be awarded to the inviter for inviting someone, and when the invitee joins the site. Invitees can receive points for signing up, if they use an invitation to do so. The points the inviter receives for getting someone to register can be taken away when the invitee's account is deleted. A Userpoints category can be set up for points awarded by Userpoints Invite.



  • The initial D6 version has been detached from userpoints_contrib module.
  • The D7 version is being developed.

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