This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Since Drupal 7 is more restrictive in allowing multiple failed logins, using different names (in 6.x version) is not needed any longer. These are the features of 7.x version.

  • User one account is protected from viewing and editing. Users -- even with 'Administer users' permission -- will be denied access.
  • User one account is hidden from user listing page, admin/people.
  • User one account is hidden from user lists such as in blocks, Who's New and Who's Online. User One provides its own version of Who's Online block for correct count of logged in users besides hiding user one.
  • User One exposes Drupal's built-in values to change otherwise inaccessible such as number of allowed login attempts and time window to remember such login attempts.
  • While Drupal temporarily deny login after multiple failed logins, User One goes one step further to allow permanently block such IPs automatically and notify the site admin.

Other features:

  • User One also lets site admin specify list of allowed IP addresses from which admin account can log in.
  • View and edit of user one account is controlled.
  • Deletion of user one account is blocked for every user including user one itself.
  • Provides "Who's new" and "Who's online" blocks hiding user one.

The project has been developed by Urban Insight.

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