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update 12 Oct 2010: added cdoyle as maintainer so module will finally get some love

User Suspend provides an interim step between account blocking and account deletion. The user record, user roles and optionally user-created nodes and comments are transferred to separate tables where they are not accessible by the normal Drupal system.

Suspended users can be reinstated at any time, recovering all of their previous settings, roles, nodes, and comments.

Account suspension effectively takes the advantages of both the default account blocking and account deletion actions, without their drawbacks.

Block account Delete account User Suspend
Prevent login or re-registering with same email address

Remove database cruft in node and users tables

Can be undone through Drupal UI



  1. copy the user_suspend directory and all its contents to your modules directory
  2. enable the module: admin/build/modules. The module will install five tables into your database.
  3. configure the module: admin/user/settings/user_suspend

Suspend users from the default Users list (admin/user/user) by selecting 'Suspend the selected users' from the Update options. View, reinstate and delete suspended users from the Suspended Users list (admin/user/user/suspend).

Known Issues
Comments are finicky. When comments from suspended users are removed or restored, the comment count may be inaccurate until a new comment is added. When comments are deleted, any comments threaded below a comment from a suspended user will also be deleted. This is by design of the Drupal comment.module to eliminate orphaned comments.

Workaround: Disable 'Remove user comments?' in the User suspend settings, which will detach all comments from a suspended user (uid set to 0). The drawback is that suspended user comments will not be able to be reattached to the user if reinstated in the future.

Modules which add additional columns to the core node, comments or users tables will lose data from these columns if a user is suspended and then unsuspended. We had considered replicating the changes to these core tables in the corresponding user suspend table, but ultimately decided it was not good practice to support every (any?) module that chooses to alter these tables.

Download package and report bugs, feature requests, or submit a patch from the project page on the Drupal web site.

Todo List

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