Out of the box drupal have just one permissions "adminster users" which controls both user settings and user administration.
So the super user can either grant both privileges to other user or none of them.
This mini module provides additional permission for user Settings.
This allows now the super user to grant either user settings or users or even both privileges if wanted.
Sometime it could even helpfull to allow others to manage users but restrict the general users settings only to
drupal admin.

If you have a new feature that might be useful in this module, please let us know in an issue.

Drupal 8 Notice

"Administer account settings" permission has been added to 8.x.
Upgrade process from 7.x might have undesirable effects on User Settings Access module users.
More information can be found on the change notice https://drupal.org/node/2083321.
I will try and come up with a 8.x version at some point, removing my permission, but it may not be before the release of Drupal 8.

Project information