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Im actively seeking new maintainer for the project, please get in touch if interested!!

The User Notifications module was born out of the need for a Facebook Style notifications system where each user can see a list of notifications related to them.

The module offers a new Rules action "Send a new notification to a user" which allows admin users to trigger notifications to be sent when certain events occur on a site.
A default notification system is provided (based heavily on the privatemsg module code, thank you to litwol) for sending out notifications.
This default notifications system can be disable or complimented by enabling the messaging module API and send notifications via the methods offered there (mail, private message, sms etc).

Basic setup instructions can be found here:

The module is in active development and will be part of the upgrade which will initial be to Drupal 6.
A Drupal 7 version will come in time.

Integrates with

- Rules (this module does the hard work and triggers notifications)
- Toolbar
- Facebook Style Statuses (via the Rules module)
- Messaging API (via the Rules module)
- Flag (via the Rules module)
- Flag Friend (via the Rules module)


- New maintainer required
- Views support:
- Ability to get count of certain "types" and "tags":
- Display suite support (if possible)
- Better documentation:
- Drupal 7 version

Drupal 7 version

- The work on a stable D7 release branch is underway:
- The branch is NOT production ready.
- The dev branch should be considered unstable. Only use it if you are interested in contributing to the development at this point.
- 7.x-1.x-dev will provide initial functionality to create rules which generate notifications. These notifications are still created as nodes. When users visit the notifications page, notifications are automatically denoted as read.
- There is no categorization of notifications and no adminstration functionality for users to edit their profile to select which notifications they want to receive.
- An upgrade path from D6 to D7 is still needed and all development help would be greatly appreciated.

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