User Import Delete module adds options to the User Import module for cancelling existing accounts that are not in an import.

The typical user case is that a staff list is imported into an Intranet every month, and if someone
has left the organisation they are not included in the staff list, and so their account is cancelled.

The options provided are the same as are available when deleting user accounts individually or
from the People administration page.

Note: requires User Import module 7.x-1.1 or later

How To Use

It’s worth understanding how this module works to see how to use it, so here’s a quick summary.

At start of the import a ‘cancel' list is made of all accounts currently in the system.

Import starts and if a user already exists it is removed from the cancel list

Import ends and any accounts still in the cancel list are flagged as ready to be cancelled.

On the page listing all imports a green status message shows how many accounts are scheduled for cancellation

Accounts are cancelled on each cron run
- it may take several cron runs to cancel all accounts
- the green status message will show how many accounts remain to be cancelled

Once all accounts have been cancelled the green status message will no longer display

So the important point is that it may take a while after the import has finished for the accounts to be cancelled, if you go the the main User Import page it will tell you how many remain scheduled to be cancelled:




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