This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

User Decos

As per 2011-01-23, this module is abandoned. If you are a developer, and you are interested in taking over this project, see #1036856: Mark the User Deco project as abandoned.

This module allows users to add images ("decos") to their profiles. Images must be from Flickr. Users with the correct permission levels can add decos to the system, buy them for their profile with Userpoints, flag them as inappropriate, edit them, send them to other users, or moderate them. Administrators can also mass import decos with relaxed settings, including from directories on their site.

One block is provided. On user pages, it displays the relevant user's decos. On other pages, it displays the current user's decos. Decos also show up on users' profiles.

Decos are not nodes, and never will be, and so are not indexed. However, they are searchable from the gallery page. Decos can be given categories (either admin-specified or arbitrary) to improve search accuracy.

This module integrates with activity.module and the (6.x core) Trigger module and depends on userpoints.module. Integration with Upload Element in the future will allow uploading decos instead of linking to them from Flickr.

This module provides a very extensive API for developers. Read the documentation for more info.


User Deco is not being actively developed. If anyone else would like to adopt this project I will happily cede it.

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