This module gives a possibility to assign or remove specific role for users. Any user with permission "Assign roles" may assign or remove roles for other users. Site administrator defines the list of roles that are available for this.

Convenient filter is available on the settings page of this module and you can choose users with its help. If you want filter users by e-mail you must enter full email to get user. If you want filter users by name, you could enter only first letters.


  1. Unpack module into the folder sites/all/modules
  2. Enable module
  3. On the permissions settings page(/admin/people/permissions) set:
    • Administer the role — role can configure the module.
    • Assign roles — role can change roles for other users.
  4. On the settings page /admin/people/control_roles choose roles that can be controlled.
  5. On the page /admin/users you can add or remove roles.

Developed for "Airsoft Union"

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