This is a general purpose module that allows users to unsubscribe from all email communications sent by Drupal.

The module design is very basic. When a user unsubscribes, they are added to an "unsubscribe list," which is stored in the database. Whenever Drupal sends mail, the unsubscribe module will check to see if the recipient is on the unsubscribe list. If so, the email is blocked. You can exempt specific modules from this blocking via the configuration page. You can also use hooks to alter exemptions, or override the blocking.

Emails sent by the system and user modules are currently exempt by default.

Current Features

  • An unsubscribe form located at /unsubscribe
  • An unsubscribe checkbox on the "edit account" form.
  • Admin UI for defining module exemptions
  • Rules integration
  • Actions integration
  • Views integration
  • API hooks
  • Token integration
  • Theming support for unsubscribe link

Future Features

  • Improved permissions

Project information