This module allows you to display .unity3d files within Unity 3D Web Players if the files are attached as Drupal file fields (e.g. to a node, user profile, etc.).


  • Display .unity3d file fields in the Unity 3D Web Player.
  • Display a Unity 3D logo for users to link to the web player.
  • Set different display options for different view modes (e.g. full, teaser, etc.).
  • Set different display sizes of the Unity 3D window (e.g. 640x480) for different content types and view modes.
  • Set alt_text for Unity 3D content.



  1. Unzip the module directory into a suitable Drupal module location (e.g. sites/all/modules/).
  2. Enable the module in admin/modules.
  3. Create a File field for an entity of your choice (e.g. node type, user, etc.).
  4. Allow .unity3d files to be uploaded in that File field.
  5. Change display options for the field to use 'Unity 3D Player' or 'Unity 3D Logo.'


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