This module provides integration between the feedback module ( and the ticketing system Unfuddle (, paid account required). It allows users to use feedback module to create Unfuddle tickets referencing specific paths on the site.

If you install browscap module ( the tickets created will also include the browser info for the user giving the feedback.

As of 1.1, now requires Unfuddle API module.

Created by Zivtech for our clients.

Quick start guide:

  • drush dl unfuddle_feedback unfuddle_api feedback browscap
  • drush enable unfuddle_feedback unfuddle_api feedback browscap
  • Create a bot account in your Unfuddle project with permission to create tickets.
  • Configure browscap: /admin/settings/browscap and unfuddle_api: admin/settings/unfuddle_api and set permissions.
  • Test your setup by using the feedback form at the bottom right of your screen. You should get a new ticket in Unfuddle.

Project information