This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Frontpage design for Umami theme

Umami is the theme that will be used in the Umami installation profile for Drupal core.

Development takes place on github. Please file any issues there.

Documentation does not exist yet - perhaps you'd like to start writing some for us?

Requirements / Dependencies

In order to use this theme, you will also need the Umami profile.

Give it a try

To give it a try, you can use the following project:

* Clone the project locally
* Run composer install
* Install Drupal choosing the Umami profile
* Enable the included 'Umami demo: Content' module

This is still early in development, so be prepared to hit a few bugs! This should not be used for anything other than testing at the moment.

Supporting organizations: 
Provided paid time to work on the theme
Provided paid time to work on the theme

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