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UI Cache Clear
UI Cache Clear — Current page cache

Adds contextual link “Clear cache” for:

  • Blocks
  • Views
  • Panels
  • Path Breadcrumbs
  • Entity cache and Display Cache (for nodes only)

Adds link for clearing current page cache (Boost supported too).


  • Clears specific cache bin without flushing the whole site cache.
  • Allows to clear cache without full administrator permissions.
  • Provides setting to clear current page cache automatically when clearing Block, Views or Panels cache.
  • Admin menu and Shortcut integration

To access “Clear cache” link user needs permissions “Use contextual UI Cache Clear links” and “Use contextual links” of course!

Designed for both development and production.


  • Contextual links (core)

Other modules which can be useful (not alternatives):

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