UEditor (百度编辑器) is Baidu web front-end R & D department developed
WYSIWYG rich text web editor, with a lightweight, customizable,
and focus on user experience and other characteristics,
the open source BSD license, allowing free use and modify the code.

I have used many editors, but ultimately I think UEditor is the best, so I want more people to know and use it.

if you have any question about this module, please create a
issue and let me know, I will always always always ...keep
actively maintained, enjoy!

Demo: http://ueditor.baidu.com/website/onlinedemo.html
The demo is chinese, You can use the English version on your download.





1. Download the ueditor in
2. Unzip it into sites/all/libraries,
so that there's like sites/all/libraries/ueditor/ueditor.all.js.
3. Do like this https://drupal.org/node/2286333
4. Enabled ueditor module.
5. Go to admin/people/permissions and grant permission to any roles that need to be
able to upload file with ueditor.
6. Configure the module at admin/config/content/wysiwyg
7. Configure the module at admin/config/content/ueditor (Optional)

Known Issues

#2286333: switch the text format, the editor disappears
#2286537: with field_image upload,the editor disappears


7.x-2.x Recommend Version (With Image Management)
7.x-3.x No Image Management Version (No integration with drupal file system)
8.x-1.0 Install is more simple , Don't need change anything, just enable then use.

Tips: The official website of the Chinese,
You can use the google translation, the operation so easy.

Ueditor started by M master in a long time ago.


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