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This module will add a page to your site (/planet). This will function similarly to PlanetPlanet which powers One significant difference between this module and the aggregator module is the fact that any user can edit their own feeds. If a user uploads their own image, that image will be displayed along with their post.

This module contains significant styling to make the page look like


This module will let any user to add a feed and attribute it to their user account. If they uploaded an image for their account is will display next to their feed. Administrators can choose to lock feeds so no user can edit them or disable feeds to prevent them from being displayed.


This module is an overlay for the Aggregator module. This module is built in so there's no extra work. However, this module will not allow you to work with the Aggregator module due to this heavy dependency.


Development occurs on Launchpad. Support requests, bug reports, latest code, etc. can be found at this project page.

Development Page:


We have multiple support options. The first line of support you should take is to look at our Setup Guides. These go through general aspects of utilizing the module.

We also have other support options listed on our Wiki.

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