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This module will add a block that can be displayed in the header area. The Ubuntu Drupal Theme has a specific region for this. A different header can be specified for each content type.

The biggest benefit to this module is the ability to display a specific banner for content types.


The block for this module must first be added to the header region. In the administrative section, you can add a Default module type for content types that have no other header set for it. Each content type can have a different left/right/middle image. The right and middle sections can also have custom text added.


Development occurs on Launchpad. Support requests, bug reports, latest code, etc. can be found at this project page.

Development Page:


We have multiple support options. The first line of support you should take is to look at our Setup Guides. These go through general aspects of utilizing the module.

We also have other support options listed on our Wiki.

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