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This module is being developed and maintained by DANEnet (, a non-profit located in Madison, WI. It provides a simple and powerful way for organizations to track attendees of events/activities using on-site kiosks and a central server running Drupal. The server can either be restricted to a local network or be open to the internet to allow off-site sign-ins.

The concept is simple. In our use-case, the system provides each non-admin user a 12-digit UPC barcode printed on ID cards. They can then use the sign-in form to scan this ID card and then select an activity they are attending. Their barcode is associated with a node and is recorded, along with the activity node and a timestamp, after successfully completing the sign-in form. Admin users can then sign-in to the system using the normal Drupal user form and generate reports of attendees which can be broken down by time and activity.

There is a grave need for such a system for many Wisconsin non-profits and it is DANEnet's hope that by providing this module on we can also help non-profits world-wide. We also welcome anyone interested to help out with development and maintenance.

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