This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a collection of standard views ( for the Ubercart webshop module (

It also describes some of the Ubercart data tables to views, so you can create your own views, based on these data using the views_ui.

If you have some killer views, not included in this module, please don't be shy - share them with us :-)

Current views

  • new_products: Block view displaying the most recently added products
  • popular_products: Block view displaying the products which has sold the highest quantity
  • product_pairs_block: Block view providing 'Users who bought the selected product also bought these' list
  • user_products: Block view displaying a list of the products which the user most often end up buying.
  • uc_order: Page listing all orders.
  • Order management view for bulk operations on uc_orders

The module will install a number of database views, which is needed for some of the default views
that ships with this module. If that is a problem for you, you should keep theese disabled, and remove the database views after installation (the sql to remove the views are found in the .install file).

Installing Ubercart Views

Place the content of this directory in sites/all/modules/uc_views

Navigate to administer >> build >> modules. Enable Ubercart Views.

Please note that most of the views included in this module assumes that images are turned on and
configured for products (See administer >> Store administration)

After installation you will have a number of default views which you can enable and modify by navigating to:

Since this module utilizes database views, you should make sure that your database user has
CREATE VIEW permission. Some users has reported that ALL PRIVILEGES oddly enough doesn't
necessary include CREATE VIEW.


The following modules are required to use some of the the views in the sub-modules of uc_views:


I have created a tool ( that will give you a head start if you want to define new tables for views 2.


This module is sponsored by Lenio A/S

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