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Drupal Commerce note: The 7.x-1.0 release will be compatible with Drupal Commerce as well as Ubercart.

Tracking information is probably the most important thing the customer is interested in seeing after an order is placed! The customer wants to know "Where's my stuff?", and you don't want him bugging you about it.

This module lets your customer (or you, the admin) track shipped packages. It uses a hook to interface with installed shipping methods, so it can support tracking packages sent by any carrier, provided the hook is implemented. This module comes with hooks pre-written for FedEx, UPS and USPS.

It works by modifying the user order history page (e.g. user/4/orders) to display a clickable tracking number (or numbers) associated with each order. The user can click on the number and get real-time tracking details for his merchandise.

I decided to display the tracking number on the order history page so the customer wouldn't have to drill down and look for the tracking number - it should be right up top, since it's the thing they care about most. (This active tracking link should also be available on any page where the tracking number appears, but to do that easily requires modifications to the core Ubercart modules.)

To Use:
Install the uc_tracking module. Enable it at admin/build/modules.

Note that none of the shipping quote modules are listed as dependencies. That is not a mistake - this module checks for shipping methods implementing the hook. However, if you want to get tracking information for a specific carrier you MUST have that carrier's shipping quotes module installed, enabled, and configured with the correct authorization information (user id, password) needed to contact the carrier's server. It is NOT necessary to turn on shipping quotes for that carrier - simply enabling the module is sufficient.

When you ship a package, you need to choose the carrier from the select box at admin/store/orders/#/shipments/#/edit and enter a tracking number. The carriers displayed are chosen from the list of enabled shipping quotes modules. Tracking numbers will now show up as active links in the user order history page at user/#/orders. Clicking these links will contact the carrier's server to get and display real-time tracking information.

Implementation details:
No Ubercart core modules were harmed in the making of this contribution. However, some functions were ruthlessly overridden, resulting in some core modules with hurt feelings.

Specifically, the user/#/orders menu, defined in uc_order_menu(), was overridden to call my uc_tracking_order_history() function instead of the core uc_order_history() function. Likewise, the uc_shipping_shipment_edit form was altered to force the admin to select a carrier to associate with the entered tracking number ("Other" is also allowed...). This is necessary because to track a package, the code needs to know which carrier the tracking number is for.

This module defines hook_uc_tracking() and provides implementations for FedEx, UPS, and USPS tracking. Adding support for other carriers only requires implementation of that one hook.

hook_uc_tracking() returns an associative array in a specific format containing tracking details. The format of this array is described in the comments in uc_tracking.module.

The code is commented throughout.

It is intended that the implementations of hook_uc_tracking() provided for FedEx, UPS, and USPS will be moved into their corresponding shipping quotes modules and removed from this uc_tracking module.

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