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This module includes an Terms of Service text (aka terms and conditions) and a [x] I agree with the Terms of Service checkbox for the cart or the checkout page of the purchase using Ubercart.

Just enable the module, cart module and checkout module of ubercart are required.
The configuration of this module is merged into the Ubercart pane settings.
You can configure the options for checkout in panes' checkout configuration page (admin/store/settings/checkout/edit/panes) and for cart in panes' cart configuration page (admin/store/settings/cart/edit/panes).

Options available for configuration:

  • Whether the ToS is displayed or not in cart and/or checkout pages.
  • The weight of the pane.
  • The node you want for ToS page.
  • In case of checkout, if the ToS is required or not.
  • If ModalFrame API is present, you can also select if the ToS is displayed in a popup window and its height & width.
  • Using conditional actions you can decide in which product classes the Tos is displayed.

ToS in js popup
You can enable the ModalFrame API module in order to have the Terms of Service opened in a js popup window, you can accept the ToS from this window.
You can also disable the popup option in the settings of the module.

Theming & ToS text
The Terms of Service are now displayed through node_view so you can theme the node picked for being the terms of service directly.

Known Issues
The ToS can be placed as a cart pane, but then it won't be required.
If you are using Secure Pages for a version of the checkout in SSL, you should add uc_termsofservice/* to the Secure Pages settings.

If you need a previous agreement checkbox, i.e. in the registration of the users, please take a look to the Legal or Terms of Use module.

Initial development sponsored by tiendas online Gorile.

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