This module finally gives a good answer to the common question from Ubercart administrators: "How do I customize the e-mail invoice sent to customers after they make a purchase?" This module also makes it easier to send different or multiple e-mail messages under different circumstances.

Ubercart invoices are formatted by template files. Getting Ubercart to recognize and use your custom template file is a technical, error-prone process. This module does the registration work for you automatically.


Registers invoice templates with Ubercart so they appear on and can be selected for the Ubercart "E-mail an order invoice" Rules action.

Registers invoice templates with Drupal so they can be used to theme the invoice data.

Provides extensive instructions and feedback on how to configure invoice templates.


Drupal 7.x and Ubercart 3.x..

Known problems

The module does not currently support admin invoice templates. File a feature request if you need this.


Install and enable this as any other module. No configuration is required for the module itself.

Once installed, see the detailed help at admin/help/uc_register_invoice for directions on installing and configuring a new invoice template. In short, copy the Ubercart customer invoice template to your theme directory, rename it, and modify it for your site. Then, configure the reaction rule to use it.

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