Ubercart Product Checkout Panes enables you to specify which panes should appear during checkout either by product class or for any specific product (also for any attribute combination) with the help of the Product Features interface.

Ubercart Product Checkout Panes requires any Ubercart 2.x version from after 15-03-2011. Alternatively, if you are keen on using Ubercart 2.4, you can manually apply the patch from #964232: Allow users to drupal_alter a checkout pane's enabled field.


The module was originally created by arski, but is currently in need of an additional/new maintainer.


The development of this module is supported by Joy Group.

Ubercart Checkout Pane Pack

This module is 1 of 3 aimed specifically at enhancing your checkout experience in Ubercart. The other two are:

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