This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Module for integration with Paymill payment gateway.

Paymill is a payment gateway that features easy online payments. It allows your customers pay directly on your website, accept payments in 100 currencies and be charged only for successfully closed transactions.

It also handles the PCI compliance and handling of credit card details. The transactions are processed on their servers and credit card information is NOT saved to your database at all. This leaves you free from worrying about sensitive information of your clients.

Even though Paymill does not require SSL to be installed on your site, it is better to do so because of the customer trust. They will enter their credit card information directly on your website and not seeing the "protected" green address bar, might make them leave.

Installation instructions

  1. Just download this module and place it in any known Drupal module directory (e.g. sites/all/modules, sites/default/modules etc.) or download it using Drush with: drush dl uc_paymill.
    Note: you must have Ubercart downloaded and installed in order to use this module. Drush is not able to download Ubercart automatically as it is a group of modules and not a single one.
  2. This module requires you to download Paymill PHP Library for making calls to Paymill and processing transactions. Download the library and place it in sites/all/libraries so that the folder structure looks like this:


    Download link.

  3. Get your API keys in Paymill admin area and enter them in your website at "Paymill" tab here: admin/store/settings/payment/method/credit.

You can now start using the module.

Version information

Version 1 (7.x-1.x) will not be further developed. It works with Paymill PHP library v2.X and works on older hosts that support PHP 5.2. However, this will continue to work only in short term. Paymill stopped development of their v2.X library, and it is recommended to upgrade to v2 of the module.

Version 2 (7.x-2.x) will receive all new updates and features. Important: this version requires PHP 5.3. Make sure your host supports it before installing.

Information for developers

This is the usual transaction workflow:

  • User enters his/her details at cart/checkout page
  • The module will send the user information to Paymill through an HTTPS request and receive errors or authentication token if everything went alright
  • Once the user reviews and submits the order, the module will only use the authentication token to charge the customer. Paymill will encrypt and store the credit card details.
  • Paymill responds with success message/error details if the transaction has been processed successfully

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