This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Payflow Link is a payment solution provided by PayPal but maintained separately from Website Payments Standard.

It is a hosted solution, meaning customers will be redirected from your checkout review page to the payment page to enter their credit card details. This module requires you to have a Payflow Link account which has significant startup fees but fairly low operating costs.

To test the module, use the following settings in your Payflow Link account:

Return URL Method: Link
Return URL:
Silent POST URL: Check the box. (where token is the security token entered in the Ubercart payment method settings)
Transaction Process Mode: Test

When operating in test mode, the order total determines the response you will receive from PayPal. Complete checkout for any order under $1000 to test with an accepted payment. When you're ready to process real transactions, simply change your transaction process mode to Live in your Payflow Link account settings.

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