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UC OG Subscribe features

Ubercart Organic Group Subscribe makes it possible to sell Organic Group membership to one or more groups when a user purchases a particular product. uc_og_subscribe implements Ubercart features, making it possible to have the purchase of one product result in subscription to one or more other groups. Subscriptions can be configured as regular or admin subscriptions.

You need this module if

  • You want to sell membership into a group.
  • You want to create a members-only paid section of your site using private posts into an organic group where people pay for membership.


You'll need your Ubercart product(s) and Organic Group(s) created. You probably want private/closed groups if you're using this module to require people pay for access.

Then edit your product and go to the Features tab. Add a Group Subscription to the group(s) of your choosing, and voila!

Development and maintenance credits

uc_og_subscribe was written by mikey_p, was sponsored by Top Notch Themes for Fusion Drupal Themes and is co-maintained by ezra-g.

This module is fairly new and has some known issues. Adventurous site owners are encouraged to help test and fix the module.

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