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A stock level manager working with uc_stock, that takes into account the different sku of a product, according to the attributes selected.
The stock availability tests are made in three stages of the purchasing process -
* add to cart form
* cart view form
* final checkout
The Error messages are themeable.

This module borrows freely (i.e - copies) some code from the Inventory API & Simple Stock Levels , by CpILL , but is meant to be used with the uc_stock module.

According to user experience - be sure to disable uc_stockstub and Inventory API (from the modules menu) before installing uc_multi_stock.

You might want to use one of these modules in addition to this one :

Ubercart Out of stock Notification
UC Attribute Stock Filter
Stock Notify

Drupal 6.x Notes:
In D6 the Ubercart Out of stock Notification contains the server side as well, so I'd recommend using that module instead of this one which is currently being supported.

comparison of different stock managers
See this module in

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