This module integrates Ubercart with Location. When a user places an order, their addresses go into their user locations. When placing new orders, all addresses from the location module are available for the user to choose from.

Managing addresses is handled by the Location module, and this allows connection with GMap and other Location aware modules.

The current release has been tested against Ubercart 3.2 and Location 3.0-alpha1.

I don't have the time to add new features at this point, so only important bug fixes will be attended to.

However, feedback and suggested features are welcome.

Known Issues

  1. Ubercart and Location have different data for country provinces with the exception of the US and Canada.
  2. Locations are added to the user account even after the max limit is exceeded. However, when the user account is edited and saved, the extra locations are removed.
  3. The javascript on the checkout form which sets the province relies on a timeout when the country is changed. This is because there is an ajax call to repopulate the provinces drop down list. Ideally, the province would be set as part of a callback when the ajax call is complete, but the code for the ajax call is inside Ubercart.

Project Information