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NOTE: Agileware recommend that users of this module switch to the uc_vat which can be configured to provide the necessary Australian GST calculations. UC VAT is more widely applicable than European VAT. The Ubercart invoice template then needs to be manually overriden to replace the title from "Invoice" to "Tax Invoice". Information below is provided for historical reference only.

This is the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) module for Ubercart. It is only relevant for Australian eCommerce websites that sell goods and services to Australian customers. If this is you, then you need this module. See ACCC's GST & online shopping page for more details.

With this module and the Ubercart Tax Rules correctly configured, GST will be displayed and only applied to those purchases where the customer is in Australia. All other customers will be able to purchase GST free. Joy!

This module also provides functionality to use your stores ABN and have it print on your invoices..

This module uses the new uc_price_handler hook introduced in Ubercart 6.x-2.0-rc3. See #399586: cha0s' attempt to solve the VAT display stuff.

This module was based on uc_vat module with changes applicable for Australian GST. Including:

  • On the product page, displays product price * 1.1 and the suffix 'GST inc.'
  • Prices in the shopping cart block and page are shown GST inclusive
  • Prices in the checkout page are shown with 3 columns. GST exclusive, the GST amount and GST inclusive with subtotals

This module will not work in versions prior to Ubercart 6.x-2.0-rc3.

ABN numbers are validated when entered using the steps on the ATO website here

Agileware use this module on our own website to calculate and display GST for our products and services. So as far as we are concerned, it's production-ready.


  1. Once this module is enabled you will need to navigate to: /admin/store/settings/price-handlers and enable the Australian GST price handler. It should be listed before the Default price handler.
  2. The module will not automatically include GST in the total cost on the checkout page. This is still determined by Ubercart Tax Rules. So you will still need to configure a Tax Rule to apply 10% GST to purchases in Australia. Set this tax rule on the admin/store/settings/taxes page.
  3. You can now set the store ABN at admin/store/settings/store/edit/contact
  4. A new Tax Invoice template has also been included that displays TAX INVOICE and your stores ABN at the top of your invoices. To use the Tax Invoice, copy customer_gst.itpl.php from the uc_gst module to the ubercart module directory ubercart/uc_order/templates directory.
  5. To use the Tax Invoice for customer invoices and emails:
    1. For the website customer invoice, select customer_gst as the option at admin/store/settings/orders/edit/basic
    2. For the emailed customer invoice, select customer_gst as the option at /admin/store/ca/uc_checkout_customer_notification/edit/actions

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