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Gift Order Checkout Pane


This module lets Ubercart customers mark an order as a gift during checkout and write a small message to go along with it. NOTE: Version 6.x-1.2+ requires Ubercart 6.x-2.3+


  1. Creates a new checkout pane that let's users mark an order as a gift and write a message.
  2. If the order is a gift, it is highlighted on the "view order" admin screen.
  3. Admin's can create / edit gift messages on the "edit order" admin screen.
  4. Admin's can print a modified invoice that shows the gift message, but no price information. This would be used to print and include when shipping the gift. (See Installation Instructions below for instructions on getting this to work).
  5. The names and addresses of the recipients of gift orders can be browsed and downloaded via Store Administration -> Customers -> Gift Recipients

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the module.
  2. Untar it into sites/all/modules and enabble it in Drupal.
  3. Copy uc_order-gift_message.tpl.php into into ubercart/uc_order/templates directory or into your theme directory if you are custom-theming your order invoices.
  4. Create a gift order, go to the "Invoice" tab on the order admin screen, and click on the "Gift message" sub-tab. You can edit uc_order-gift_message.tpl.php and theme it as needed.


Originally develoved by xerbutter and posted in this thread.
Drupal 6 port sponsored by Pacifica.

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