Ubercart compatible module.

The UC Free Order Payment Method module works in conjunction with the payment checkout pane using the order total preview to present a "Free order" payment method to customers when their order total drops to $0.00 or less. By default, this method will be hidden with Javascript and displayed only when appropriate. Server side verification of an order total on checkout form submission is used to prevent customers from gaming the system.


Simply upload and enable this module to be up and running. There is a single permission available so you can test the way the payment method displays on your site. It includes a link that lets you add or remove a $2,000 test discount to the order so you can make sure it works properly. Of course, it will stop you if you try to check out, since the discount is only recognized on the checkout form. For further testing, you can simply create a product worth $0.

The 6.x-1.0-beta4 version of this module requires a recent version of Ubercart and recommends at least Ubercart 2.0. Ubercart has changed the way URLs are stored in Javascript, and this latest release accommodates the changes.


  • Drupal 6 migration sponsored by Jim Hollcraft of Software Professionals, Inc.
  • Core improvements during the Ubercart 1.x development cycle that made a module like this possible sponsored by Warner Bros. Records.
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