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Creditcard payment gateway (Estcard (Nets Estonia)) support for Estonian banks.
To accept creditcard payments on your website your company needs a contract with one of those banks:

Setup instructions

  • Enable the module
  • Go to store payment settings and provide required data (which You will get from the payment solution provider Estcard (Nets Estonia).

After setting up this module You can receive credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard) from all over the world.

Legislation information

Reasons for coding this module
There was a quite funny reason for coding this module. I was asked for this kind of functionality, my friends said this would be hard, but I just didn't want to believe. It turned out to be fun.
Unfortunately I did not get paid this time but this turned out to be my first real project at
So if You need development service just send me a query at
If Youre looking for banklink bridge then take a look at UC Estonian payments module.

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