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Ubercart compatible module.

The Ubercart EDI module provides some simple EDI order import and export functionality for Ubercart orders. This is useful for stores working with fulfillment houses where orders are passed back and forth in some predetermined format.




  • Import orders (update only).
  • Recieve import files via FTP upload.
  • Specify multiple import (update) rules.
  • Archive files after import (auto).


  • Export orders.
  • Export at a specified interval or manually.
  • Specify order and product patterns.
  • Deliver export files via e-mail (auto), HTTP download (manual) and/or FTP download (manual).
  • Archive files (manual) after successful import with fulfillment houses.


Includes all features from the 5.x branch plus the following additional features.


  • Export orders on checkout completion.

The module was developed to be flexible so the import and export strings could be tweaked for different uses. It supports importing and exporting tab, comma, or pipe delimited files and has a simple scripting system that allows different rules to be processed on imports. The module handles exports/imports during cron runs or manually by administrators and works based off of configurable order statuses.


Please note that running import/export operations can cause effected orders to be updated and that this may trigger the sending of emails to customers and the firing of conditional actions.


See the README.txt file included with the module.

Exporting product attribute information

The best way to export product attributes is to have the product SKU reflect the attribute assigned to it. For example, If a book product's color attribute can be black and white or full color, you could configure the SKUs to be 12345-BW and 12345-Color.


6.x-1.0 has been RELEASED!
This is a working roadmap for future development.

Goals for 6.x-1.1 & 7.x-1.1 (minor feature discussion/implementation)

Goals for 6.x-2.0 & 7.x-2.0 (Major rewrite/feature implementation)

  • jQuery UI for building export patterns (drag & drop fields).
  • UI for creating field translations?



For modifications to the Drupal 6 branch or to sponsor roadmap development, please contact Antoine Solutions.


For modifications to the Drupal 5 branch, please contact us at Thanks!


Drupal 5 branch co-maintained by Lyle (Island Usurper) and Ezra Barnett Gildesgame (ezra-g).
Drupal 6 branch maintained by Jon Antoine of Antoine Solutions.


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